HPE provides a system of ongoing training reviews for its customers. A detailed program manual is on-hand for reference, which identifies essential equipment, testing locations, procedures and recommendation, along with a chart for documenting results. On-site training seminars are available to train the owner’s personnel in basic water chemistry and treatment considerations. This provides our clients with a base of knowledge in water treatment which leads to a safer, more efficiently operated program.

Online Training

HPE Water is pleased to provide online training as a value-add to our customers and partners. We understand that it may be difficult to find the time or schedule to do in-person or on-site training. Our online training solution provides you and your staff with an easy-to-use system that allows you to receive interactive training on your own schedule. In the end, you will have the knowledge and skills to be a better manager of your water/cooling systems.

All you need to do is contact us to receive access!

The online courses are grouped in curricula to provide you the set of courses that meet your needs. Each course is 20-30 minutes in duration including a knowledge pretest, course content and post-test.

The Online Curricula includes:

  • Fundamentals of Water Treatment
  • Cooling Fundamental Program
  • Advanced Cooling Program
  • Reverse Osmosis Program
  • Water and Waste Program
  • Boiler Program
  • Reporting