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Boiler water, cooling water, and closed loop systems.  Waste water and potable water systems.  Each has unique challenges when it comes to a treatment program, but the bottom line is still efficient operation at a minimal cost.  An important part of this is keeping the waterside surfaces clean. These surfaces can suffer from scale, corrosion, fouling, and/or biological contamination that lead to increased energy costs, decreased efficiency, and decreased life expectancy of the system and equipment. A complete water management program that addresses these potential problems is essential.

From start to finish, we plan your program with that goal in mind. By letting us manage, service and maintain each of these systems, your concerns can stay focused on what you do best.

Steam boilerSteam Boiler System

Firetube, watertube, cast iron sectional, heating, process, deaerator, vacuum return…the list of boiler system variables goes on, but the end result is the same — efficient steam production. Shapes and sizes vary from plant to plant, but the more they change, the more they stay the same — producing steam to perform specific tasks plant-wide.

Each system has unique abilities and limitations. A properly maintained system can provide years of trouble-free service, while a poorly maintained system can be a source for constant headaches. We design each boiler water treatment program to work with the specific boiler equipment, the working conditions, and the type of water in a given area.  We provide the expertise and service needed for a consistent, reliable water treatment program.

Sets of cooling towers in data center building.Cooling Water Systems

Heat exchangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes: shell and tube, plate and frame, fluid coolers, and evaporative condensers. Cooling towers are used to remove heat, but still require a heat exchanger for transfer to the cooling water. The kind of system used will depend on the application, the operating environment and the designer’s bias.

Each system presents its own heat-transfer or maintenance challenges. Scale formation, biofilm, suspended solids and corrosion products may all impede heat transfer. Variables like the water supply, operating temperatures, proneness to foul, and materials of construction are important when setting up a treatment program.

We provide the knowledge and expertise to address each of these factors, while safely and effectively overseeing the entire program.

IMG_20141105_094311_847Closed Loop Systems

Traditional hot and chilled closed loop systems are generally considered easier to treat than open systems, because in most cases the same water circulates with little to no fresh water added. For these systems, a treatment program may only require quarterly scheduled service.

Open tank chilled systems, on the other hand, like those found in plants utilizing injection molding equipment, are different in that the water in the tank is being continually turned over and saturated with oxygen. The makeup requirements are also higher due to the need for mold changes to accommodate different parts.  These systems are dynamic and can be very challenging.

Knowing how to identify and predict problems before they start, as well as providing the solution is the basis of what Heat Power Engineering provides to each customer.

Waste water pipe polluting environmentWaste Water Systems

Wastewater systems come in all shapes and sizes. The discharge of any waste from a facility can fall under some governmental control (state, local or federal). Even sanitary wastes sent to a municipal or private authority.

Heat Power Engineering can assist in the following areas:

  • NPDES Compliance and application
  • Design of wastewater systems
  • Reduction in waste
  • Reduction in surcharges by local municipal wastewater facilities
  • Recovery of wastewater for re-use
  • Selection of proper treatments
  • Selection of proper polymer makedown equipment
  • Selection and operation of equipment for maximum oil and grease removal
  • Problem solving – troubleshooting of improperly working aerobic digesters, clarifiers, dissolved air flotation, sludge thickeners, dewatering equipment, etc.

Heat Power Engineering’s wastewater experts can also provide services in other related areas upon request.

water-potable-underwaterPotable Water

Heat Power Engineering has the experience and capabilities to address any potable water issues that arise. We can provide corrosion studies as well as failure analysis for piping systems. Our laboratory can evaluate water sources and/or monitor for compliance with the EPA’s lead and copper rule. We also have NSF-approved treatment programs, which are utilized to provide ongoing corrosion protection for increased longevity of a building’s piping systems.

Place in a large industrial boiler room. Parts replaced during repair work

Seasonal Layup

How well a system is layed up can be just as important as its care while in full operation. A well-cared-for system during normal operation may suffer neglect as the season is ending. This neglect can cause corrosion and bio-fouling issues which can lead to an increase in maintenance and repair costs, as well as reduced equipment life and/or increasing fuel/energy costs.

HPE knows the value of protecting critical equipment and provides instruction and guidelines to assist in a proper layup sequence which should be part of a regular P.M. schedule.

Green Systems

This is a GREEN approach to water treatment chemistry for specific applications in the 21st century.  It has the potential to provide LEED points as well.  As a concentrated solid product, supplied in containers the size of typical food preparation packaging jars which can be disposed of as easily as household trash. This reduces the carbon foot print of your facility.

Solid Treatment is easier and safer:
•  No heavy drums to move
•  No pails of chemicals to handle
•  No chemical spills to worry about
•  No drum disposal issues
•  No exposure to hazardous liquid chemicals
•  Substantially reduce product handling issues