Full Service

We have services designed to help improve the effectiveness and convenience of any water treatment program. Two options are always available which virtually eliminate drum handling, storage and disposal, while improving safety and environmental stewardship. This approach provides a cost-effective step towards a more environmentally friendly “Green Building” or plant by reducing the exposure and handling of chemicals by personnel, as well as reducing the probability of accidental chemical spills.

IMG_5892Drumless Water Treatment Program

This provides a safe, hands-off approach to your chemical treatment requirements. Trained HPE professionals will automatically refill the specially designed, spill-proof containment units at your facility, eliminating the need for any handling by your personnel. These units are specifically utilized to eliminate drums on-site, while providing a barrier against spills from unexpected drum leaks.

Cooling tower inside the building

Cooling Tower Cleaning

An important part of a cooling water treatment program is maintaining a routine cleaning schedule. Cooling Towers act as air washers, and as such, bring in many contaminants and foulants that can drop out in low-flow areas of cooling towers. These contaminants can act as food for biological species, which may contribute to biofilm and a higher risk associated with Legionnaires Disease.

Twice-a-year cleaning is recommended by the AWT, CDC, CTI and ASHRAE as a routine, scheduled maintenance procedure. HPE can provide this service or provide cleaning procedures and consultation for the owners’ personnel.

HPE Reports

HPE Reports is the water treatment industry’s leading online reporting Software as a Service (SaaS). By using a cloud-based design, HPE Reports allows water treaters to save both wet test and controller data, generate graphs, upload documents and do much more within a single location online. All of the features included in HPE Reports is designed to provide the best and latest in online technology.

Remote Monitoring

HPE uses the latest, most reliable and secure server technology for connection, control and history management. Email alerts from our controllers keep users informed of any alarm conditions , including disconnection and power loss encountered.

  • Constant Server Monitoring
  • Internet Communication
  • Server Stored History
  • No Software Needed

A Air Conditioner Repair Man at work

Onsite Testing

Trained HPE personnel provide regular service to each account. During the service stop, key systems and parameters, as well as equipment, are tested and assessed to insure the best results possible. This includes a visual overview as well as water quality testing to confirm the water is within range. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best of service, increased safety, maximum equipment efficiencies, as well as prolonged equipment life and service intervals, all through a professionally administered water treatment program.


HPE is able to provide a cost free water analysis and/or system review with consultation (for most facilities). This free evaluation is provided to allow the owner an assessment of the current water treatment program along with recommendations for cost and energy savings.


HPE provides a system of ongoing training reviews for its customers. A detailed program manual is on-hand for reference, which identifies essential equipment, testing locations, procedures and recommendation, along with a chart for documenting results. On-site training seminars are available to train the owner’s personnel in basic water chemistry and treatment considerations. This provides our clients with a base of knowledge in water treatment which leads to a safer, more efficiently operated program.