Legionella Testing-HPE-GreenLegionella Testing

HPE provides testing for Legionella bacteria as part of a complete water management program for cooling towers and potable water systems.  Testing is becoming critically important as this issue moves to the forefront of Health and Safety Issues as evidenced in New York City recently.

Building Risk Assessment and Water Management Plans

HPE can assist your facility with a preliminary risk assessment and water management plan – one that is modeled after the ASHRAE 188-2015 guidelines.  We can provide a cost-free initial consultation.  We are affiliated with Special Pathogens Labs, which is the known leader in the field of legionella – in research, identification, and testing protocols of the bacterium.

Bacteria Reduction and Cleaning Programs for Cooling Towers and Potable Water Systems

HPE not only can assess the condition of your facility and equipment, but also provide cleaning services and equipment to meet the ASHRAE 188-2015 guideline and keep your systems safe for operation.